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I’m so glad you decided to drop by. If you are interested in a career correction, finding out how to balance it all without doing it all, learning how to integrate your professional and personal lives or simply learning how to live mindfully each and every day, find out more about each of my coaching programs by clicking on the diamond above.


I’d love to meet you and work together to achieve your version of ‘having it all’ on YOUR terms.


The Babes in Balance online eCourse is COMING SOON. It’s an online course covering the essential pillars to finding, maintaining and integrating balance in your life. So if you want to discover an easier way to balance the chaotic, crazy, busyness of running a household, raising a family, building a career you love without burning out and most importantly, carving out time to take care of YOU, then make sure you are signed up to the email list to ensure you keep up to date with the release of the course and the early bird special.




I offer a free 30 minute consultation for those interested in exploring working together further.


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I also offer face to face, phone, skype or email coaching – whatever feels right for you. My hourly rate is $120 an hour.


In addition to my coaching, I also offer mindfulness workshops for individuals and groups.