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Mindful Living


In a world dogged by digital dependency and distraction, it seems the busier you are, the more stressed and burnt out you become. Multitasking became in vogue as we are all encouraged to achieve more, do more and have more in the shortest amount of time possible.


But you struggle to juggle all the balls in the air. You feel like the world is spinning too fast and you have lost control. You have lost a real sense of connection and intimacy with the world around you, with your friends and family. You are suffocating in sea of never ending to do lists, striving to do more, earn more, have more. Your life is passing you by and you feel like you are merely a bystander, not fully present and participating the way you should, trying in vain to grasp onto your youth, your children growing up, aging parents and an ever changing world.


You are being increasingly called upon by your employer to juggle a multitude of tasks, work harder, faster and longer as you compete to not only survive but thrive in today’s ever increasing challenging economic times. The result is an epidemic of exhausted, stressed and burnt out workers which are costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity each year.


So how can you combat this ever growing busyness? How can you cultivate a sense of peace and calm? How can you keep yourself grounded and fully present so that you get to taste, feel, smell, hear and see every experience?


The simple answer is mindful living.


Mindfulness is all about paying attention in a particular way on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally’ (as defined by Jon Kabat-Zim, a world authority on mindfulness). It’s our mental state of openness, awareness and focus. It calls for you to wake up, connect with yourself and have a sense of appreciation about the present moment. It is simply the art of conscious living.


So if you crave:

  • Increasing fulfilment;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Raising self awareness;
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence (EQ);
  • Enhancing psychological and emotional resilience;
  • Increasing life satisfaction; or
  • Just simply be more fully present in your life


It’s time to wake up and get mindful. It’s time to live mindfully and consciously.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried for years to embrace meditation believing wholeheartedly in the power of quietening the mind but have never been able to master it. If you had convinced yourself that it wasn’t really your thing despite the copious amounts of research supporting its positive impact in changing lives, if you’ve found yourself constantly fighting with yourself to ‘stop’ the thoughts which seem to constantly pepper your mental space whilst being totally distracted by the pain of sitting in the one position, then mindfulness training is for you.


It turns out you can practice mindfulness and not be in a state of meditation. They are two different things. Mindfulness is the concept of mental awareness and focus and meditation is just one way of cultivating this state. There is hope for us non-yogi’s after all.


Mindfulness training is also big business in business. It is particularly important and increasingly used in leadership programs. Organisations need effective leaders in order to thrive in business. Organisations cannot afford leaders who are stressed, overworked, on the verge of burnout, and emotionally frazzled all of which lead to bad decision making. Mindfulness enables leaders to be fully present, aware of themselves, their actions, their impact on others and their reactions to stressful situations. Mindful leaders have a level of awareness which helps them relate to others with compassion and understanding whilst motivating their team toward a common goal. With self awareness and compassion comes an increased ability to cope with high levels of stress and pressure. Mindful leaders empower people to perform at a very high level even under the most difficult of circumstances.


So if you crave letting go of all distraction, becoming fully present and grounded in the moment and experiencing life with all your senses, contact me at to arrange a time to learn how to live more mindfully.


I offer one-on-one mindfulness training, mindfulness training for groups or I run a one hour workshop on mindfulness for organisations.