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Are you ready to be a game changer?



Is your business struggling to keep up with the competition?


Do you need to reinvent your organisation in order to stay relevant in changing economic times?


Are you worried how your team will adapt to your company’s new vision?



Effective change management is all about getting your people on board to accept, implement and adapt to the necessary change within your business so that you can achieve optimum results. Ensuring the transition is smooth and adopted with ease is the key to successful lasting change.


Change is an inevitable part of business and life. In today’s society we face a constant and rapidly evolving business environment due to globalisation and innovative changes to technology. Therefore, the ability to manage and adapt to change is an essential requirement in the workplace today.


If businesses fail to constantly reinvent themselves, they face drastic profit or market share losses and ultimately risk being left behind and eventually an inevitable demise. On the other hand, organisations that adapt quickly and embrace change within their organisation create a competitive advantage and set themselves apart from the competition.


Organisational change directly affects all employees of your business from entry level employees to senior management. A critical aspect of change management is your organisation’s ability to win the buy-in of your employees. If your people understand the need for change, develop the necessary skills to adapt to the change then their willingness and capabilities rise to effect the change. Similarly if your organisation is moving forward in a way that no longer supports and aligns with particular employees goals and values, you organisation needs to manage the transition to redundancy with compassion and skill.


How an organisation manages change will affect its reputation and standing. It will also avoid the unnecessary angst and legal complications associated with change if a proper program is implemented.


I offer specific tailored coaching to organisations focusing on transitioning through change. I will work with your leaders, managers and employees to ensure that the change your organisation wishes to embrace is wholeheartedly adopted by your people. I work one-on-one (or in groups if preferred) with the necessary people who need to bring about the change as well as those that are directly affected by the change.


Our change management strategy includes:

  1. Aligning and managing expectations of your employees;
  2. Adopting and implementing an effective communication plan;
  3. Training and Integration;
  4. Implementation and Assessment.


Successfully implementing change requires effective management of strategies and clear communication. It is crucial to your organisation’s survival and to your bottom line. I will help your business achieve all of this with the necessary skill, compassion and ease.


I offer the following services:

  1. Organisational Change Management Services – specific tailored coaching to assist with implementing change within your organisation;
  2. Outplacement Services – tailored coaching working closely with employees directly affected by the changes within your organisation and assistance in transitioning to a new career.


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