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Hi there and welcome to Change Sage – a site for all things career, mummahood, mindful living, balance and change related. It’s all about women, work and wellbeing. It’s all about YOU.


I’m Leisa Flatley. I am a writer, teacher, career and change coach, mentor, a mum to twins and multipassionate entrepreneur.


I help women find personal and professional fulfilment on their own terms. I work with women to create mindful, balanced and fulfilling careers and lives and who want to redefine what it looks like to ‘have it all’.


My mission is to help and support women to change their careers and lives and to learn how to integrate their personal, professional, social and family lives without feeling maxed out and overwhelmed and to find balance on their own terms.


I believe being chained to a desk, working long hours in the wrong career kill productivity, creativity and ultimately people. I believe that’s no way to live your life.


I believe it is a waste of your precious life to be working in a career that sucks the life out of you so that you have no energy left to do the things that fill you up and allow your light to shine.


I believe it’s dangerous to our wellbeing as women to shoulder the burden of juggling it all in order to have it all by doing it all. It’s time to stop living a life based on others expectations and create a balanced and fulfilling life that is your version of ‘having it all’.


I believe it’s time to banish the mummy guilt, the comparison and the endless to do lists as we drown in a sea of busyness.


I believe that we all have the potential to go from corporate slaves to creating fulfilling careers and lives we crave.


I believe that by learning to be mindful in our daily lives is the key to finding that ever elusive balance we all desire.


And ultimately I wholeheartedly believe that change is possible for each and every one of us.


I’m all about supporting, inspiring, informing, empowering and connecting you with your authentic awesome self.




I was a stressed out, burnt out and ultimately maxed out corporate lawyer desperately seeking fulfilment in both my career and my life. I was stuck in a rut and paralysed by inertia and indecision because I had no idea what I was meant to be doing with my life. My career had become the scaffolding upon which my life was precariously resting. Who was I if I wasn’t Leisa Flatley, the lawyer? I had no idea but it felt like too much hard work and energy to find out so I stayed in a career that I hated for far too long until I could no longer ignore what my inner voice was telling me. Something had to give and I was afraid if I didn’t make a drastic change soon, that something would be ME. Would everything I worked for years to build come crashing down? I had climbed each rung of the corporate ladder with determination and fierce ambition in my 20s only to experience a growing sense of panic that this was as good as it got and that I had wasted all these years pursuing the wrong dream. I was stressed, unfulfilled and bereft of passion and purpose.


I found that by trying to have it all, it meant doing it all and I was completely overwhelmed.


Becoming a mother was my watershed moment. When I became a mum to twins, everything changed. I could no longer invest energy into a career I hated and have any hope of creating a healthy, happy and balanced life with my family. There had to be a better way to live than to continually compromise myself and my dreams.




So I set out to change my life. I created an exist plan. I changed the course of my career which in turn changed the course of my life. I learnt the essential ingredients to a meaningful life. I learnt how to integrate my personal, professional, social and family lives so that I felt more in control and free at the same time. I learnt how to achieve the right balance for me and my family. I found my own definition of ‘having it all’.


Fast forward two years, I’m now a writer, blogger, coach and a mum of two year old twins living a life beyond my wildest dreams in a soulful fulfilling career I love which is aligned with my strengths and talents. I no longer struggle with the concept of having it all because I’ve created my own version of what that looks like for me. I can honestly say that I have reached a place of real contentment where my life is aligned exactly as I dreamed it would be. I’ve gone from simply existing and wasting my life away dreaming of a better future where I had created a ‘successful’ life on paper based on everyone else’s expectations but that was out of sync with my authentic self to stepping into my full potential and living the life I know I deserve.


This website is all about finding your own path – not based on others’ expectations or the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’. It’s about charting your own unique course based on your goals, desires, beliefs that suit your strengths, talents and personality. It’s about running your own race in whichever way works best for you and your family. It’s about having it all in whichever way that looks and feels for you. It’s about stopping the struggle and stepping into our real authentic soulful selves. It’s about learning how to be mindful each and every day.


So if you are a professional working women/mother who is stuck in a career you hate, struggling to juggle work, family and time for yourself, trying in vain to ‘have it all’ and you have a deep sense that there is something better waiting for you if only you knew what that was or that there has to be a better way to balance the chaotic, crazy busyness of running a household, raising a family, building a career you love without burning out, I’d love to support you.


The best decision I ever made was to invest in myself, to become the best version of myself so I could share my gifts and be of service in this world. I get the greatest sense of pleasure from seeing others realise their own potential and achieve their own blend of personal and professional fulfilment. Are you willing to invest in YOURSELF? I promise you won’t regret it.


We all deserve personal and professional fulfilment on our own terms.


Check out my coaching programs CAREER CORRECTION and BABES IN BALANCE or contact me at or find me on social media by clicking on the icons below.


Official Bio

Leisa Flatley is a writer, a certified career and life coach and change management specialist. She is the founder of Change Sage and is the author of the eBook ‘Babes in Balance – Ten Essential Principles to Achieve Balance, Meaning and Mindfulness Everyday’.

Leisa works with women to create mindful, balanced and fulfilling careers and lives and who want to redefine what it looks like to ‘have it all’. Leisa has been supporting clients to navigate and embrace change in all aspects of their business and life. Her particular area of expertise is career development and change management support for businesses that want the best outcomes for their people.

Prior to becoming a multipassionate entrepreneur, she practised as a lawyer for 17 years working for large international law firms, multinational corporations and not for profit businesses. In her corporate career, she was passionate about mentoring staff, developing corporate wellness programs, and creating career development plans.

Leisa has mentored and coached hundreds of people in her professional life to create lasting change in their career and lives. She also works as an adjunct lecturer at the College of Law Queensland. She is a mum to twins and lives in Brisbane Australia with her partner David.

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